Tragic Murder Of A Hamburger :: Konbini : Trendland : Vice

Ilka & Franz are masters of still life…er, death. Their new photo series, “The Tragic Murder of a Hamburger,” portrays all manner of innocent favourite foods meeting their grisly end. Whether it’s a hot dog drowning amidst circling sharks or a slice of cake that should have looked both ways before crossing the street, there’s an image in the mix that will positively delight you. (Jess Kapadia, Food Republic)

The human brain definitely works in mysterious ways: just as we love watching cute animal videos, there’s something extremely pleasurable in watching food being destroyed before our eyes. What the viewer gets is a visual oxymoron: two contradictory concepts that are presented in conjunction and with a spoonful of humor. At first glance, it all seems very innocent, but take a closer look, and true meaning will reveal itself to you. (Amanda Adame, Konbini)

Maybe it’s a fair conceptual fate for the steady stream up culinary atrocities served up at fast food establishments. It’s also a nice satirical play on the slow biological murder these “restaurants” serve up to their customers. (The Creators Project, Vice)

Photo & Post :: Ilka & Franz
Food Styling :: Udo Reichelt-Schaurer c/o Hers Agency
Set Design :: Adam Purnell

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