New! Cheese

Ilka & Franz shot for Sindroms Magazine illustrating their love affair with cheese and cheesiness. Cheesy Romance, Edam - My Only True Love and Cheesy Titanic.

New! Audi Magazine

Ilka & Franz got commissioned to shoot old wives tales for Audi Magazine

Photo, Set, Post-Production: Ilka & Franz
Food Styling: Olivia Bennett
Nail Art: Naima Coleman
Model: Egle Standtaite @ Hired Hands 
Art Direction: Emma Try @ Northstar

New! Ilka & Franz for KaDeWe

Ilka & Franz got commissioned by KaDeWe to shoot moving image for their Super Asia SS18 campaign

Directed by: Ilka & Franz @ Cosmopola 
DOP: Eva Arnold
Creative Director: Tania Parovic @ KaDeWe
Model: Tia X @ IMM
Hand Model: Bel @ Hired Hands
Styling: Zoe Kozlik
Hair: Abra Kennedy
Make-Up: Rebecca Rojas
Nails: Naima Coleman
Props: Rosie Welsh
Paper Craft: Ollanski @ Cosmopola 
Lighting Assistant: Charlotte Maxwell

New! Ice Cream for Dinner for Guardian Weekend

Ilka & Franz got commissioned to shoot chef and food writer (and former Bake Off contestant) Ruby Tandoh as she sat down for an all ice cream dinner for one for the cover of Guardian Weekend. 

Photography & Post-Production :: Ilka & Franz 
Food Styling :: Olivia Bennett 
Styling :: Zoe Kozlik 
Hair & Make-Up :: Grace Ellington

Moving Image by Ilka & Franz

Ilka & Franz recently directed some funky moving image for Wembley Park. Check it out and turn up the volume! 

Directed by Ilka & Franz
DOP: Vlad Jakovlev
Set Design: Katie Fotis
Assistant: Caroline Byrne
Paper Art: Lydia Shirreff
Styling: Zoe Kozlik
Make-Up: Marie Bruce 
Hair: Benjamin David
Nail Artist: Emma Zentner
On-Set Production: Christie Phedon 
Talent: Anand Desai Barochia @ Sandra Reynold, Lasharn W @ BMA, Natasha_C @ MOT, Jessye @ BodyLondon and Vicky B, Paul C and Stephanie @ Hired Hands

New! Spiegel Wissen

Ilka & Franz got commissioned to shoot still life images for the most recent issue of Spiegel Wissen all about germs and viruses. 

Photography & Post-Production :: Ilka & Franz
Food Styling :: Iain Graham

New! Wiley Fox

Ilka & Franz got commissioned to shoot Wiley Fox's ADD-X range launch campaign! 

Photography & Post-Production :: Ilka & Franz
Producer :: Carla Steinberg
Casting :: Naomi Grantis
Stylist :: Georgina Lambert
Stylist Assistant :: Ellen Wright
Make-Up :: Abbie May
Hair Stylist :: Shelley Summer
Props :: Ashleigh Latter

New! Wembley Park

Ilka & Franz just shot lots of funky stills and moving image for Wembley Park, commissioned by Bandstand and working with an amazing team! 

Photography: Ilka & Franz
Art Direction: Shane Horn @ Bandstand
Set Design: Katie Fotis
Set Design Assistant: Caroline Byrne
Paper Craft: Lydia Kasumi Shirreff
Styling: Zoe Kozlik
Make-Up: Marie Bruce 
Hair: Benjamin David
Nail Artist: Emma Zentner
DOP (Moving Image): Vlad Jakovlev
Talent: Anand Desai Barochia @ Sandra Reynold, Lasharn W @ BMA, Natasha_C @ MOT, Jessye @ BodyLondon and Vicky B, Paul C and Stephanie @ Hired Hands
On-Set Production: Christie Phedon 
Retouching: Smoke & Mirrors X Ilka & Franz

New! Schön! Magazine (Print!!)

On Watch! Ilka & Franz did some work for the 33rd issue of Schön! Magazine and it's finally out! 

Photo & Post: Ilka & Franz
Styling: Julia Dorothee Müller @ Bigoudi
Set Design: Rebecca Martin

New! Kvell X SanDisk

New work commissioned by LA-based Kvell for SanDisk. Paper craft by Lydia Kasumi Shirreff, photography and motion magic by Ilka & Franz. 

New! Please Magazine

Meet the Meme Queen! Ilka & Franz shot a meme inspired editorial for Please Magazine. Styled by Zoe Kozlik, Props by Beast & Burden, Hair by Fiji Sato and Make-up by Asuka Fukada. Models: Victoria @ Wild London and Roxanna @ Hired Hands.

First Place - PDN The Look

Ilka & Franz have won First Place in the PDN The Look fashion and beauty competition in the Motion/ Multimedia category with their all-GIF editorial for Schön! Magazine, Pop Up The Volume!

New! Ilka & Franz for Wired UK

Wired UK commissioned Ilka & Franz to shoot all their favourite things for their Wired Life collection of... favourite things. Among them the new BMW 5 Series. The set of images also got featured in Wired Germany. 

New! Ilka & Franz shoot Mall Grab for Mixmag

Mall Grab shot by Ilka & Franz for the cover of this month's Mixmag!!

Photo : Set : Post-Prod :: Ilka & Franz
Styling :: Sarah Cook
Fashion :: Okuh
Grooming :: Andrea Gomez Anzola
Editor :: Duncan Dick
Art Director :: Hayden Russell
Photo Editor :: Joe Plimmer

New! Ilka & Franz for Eleven Inc X SurveyMonkey

Whoop! We're finally able to show some of the work we shot for SurveyMonkey with San Francisco based ad agency Eleven Inc. This was an epic shoot!

Photography :: Ilka & Franz
Creative Director :: Matthew Wakeman
Art Director :: Louisa Betancourt
Agency Producer :: Jeannine Giordan
Set & Prop Design :: Kei Yoshino
Wardrobe Styling :: Zoe Kozlik
Make-Up :: Marie Bruce @ Eighteen Management
Hair :: Abra Kennedy
Talent :: Sean Earl McPherson @ BMA Models, Tosin Bodija @ IMM Models, Emma Witter @ Sandra Reynolds Agency (and many more)
Hand :: Fareen @ Hired Hands
Post-Production :: Ilka & Franz
Production :: Jenny Halonen & Barbi Mlczoch @ Cosmopola
On-Set Production :: Christie Phedon